Transforming Your Website Into a Progressive Web App (Pwa)

Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web application makes use of the features and performance of a phone app even without the complexities of managing a mobile phone app. An estimated study showed that, on each step between the initial touch of the applicator as well as the beginning of the application, an app tends to lose 20 percent of its subscribers. An application must first be found in an app store, downloaded, installed, and then opened. If a user sees your progressive web application, they may start accessing your application instantly, avoiding the extra configuration process. And whenever the user goes back to the program, they are urged to upgrade.

What is PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

PWA provides user experience via gradual improvement. This effectively implies that a PWA has the same features on new cell phones as compared to old ones. Certainly, certain functionality may not always be accessible, however, the software still works and does as ought to.

It’s not a modern tech or platform. There are several good practices for making a web app equivalent to a desktop or laptop app. It is a goal to have such a consistent and smooth experience that perhaps the users cannot detect how much the progressive web app, as well as the native Android application, vary from each other.

How to make a website work as an app?

Regarding Progressive Web applications, Google released an article evaluation. Four minimal criteria for a PWA method are as follows:

Web App Manifest

It is only a JSON file that provides web application metadata. The app includes data such as the app icon (when a user has installed it in the application drawer), application color backdrop, application name, shorter name, etc. This manifestation file may be written by ourselves or we may utilize tools to make one.

Service Workers

Service Workers are object-oriented personnel that operates in the backend of a request and serves as a representative between both the network as well as the app. You may intercept data traffic and temporarily cache data for us. It could be utilized for the offline loading of data. These are indeed Java script code that listens to and does activities for events including search and installation.


It is utilized whenever a user downloads the PWA in its app drawers, to offer an application launcher. A picture jpeg is simply okay. The Manifest tool enables you to generate multi-format icons that are much handy.

Served over HTTPS

To be a PWA, a safe network should be provided through the web app. It is quite straightforward to obtain an SSL certificate with providers such as Cloudflare. Mostly as a secure platform, which not only creates your web app as a trustworthy website for clients to show their confidence and dependability and also prevents assaults by intermediaries.

Examples of PWA


To provide all its consumers with convenient, user-friendly online transactions, Starbucks has created a PWA upon on the website to provide its current native applications with a comparable user experience. is one of India’s biggest online real estate marketplaces and receives 50 million visits annually. The sluggish down connection speeds of the Indian firm have so greatly affected the conversions even by a one-second increment


Digikala’s top e-commerce website has changed the way Iranians purchase online for household electricity as well as other items. The PWA shop has been designed to provide customers with plenty of details, feedback, and a fantastic purchasing experience.

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