Before the pandemic, the retail industry was very different from the current one. The conventional brick-and-mortar model is now being pushed further to the side of the road by eCommerce. People were buying things online even before there was a global crisis. As of 2023, Statista says that online sales worldwide are expected to reach $6.5 billion. However, selling goods on the internet is a hard job. People who sell things online have a lot to do, like:

  • Fulfilling customer requests
  • Setting prices for goods
  • Advertising store using different social media channels
  • Answering customers' queries and complaints
  • Keeping an eye out for out-of-stock items in the inventory.

One of the essential tasks for any online retailer is to create a visually appealing and practical storefront. Entrepreneurs now have a plethora of options for eCommerce platforms to build their businesses. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms on the market right now. It is popular among aspiring online retailers since it is inexpensive, secure, fast, adaptable, easy to start up, ideal for any niche, offers limitless bandwidth, and many other appealing qualities.

However, building a compelling Shopify store or scaling an existing one effectively is not a chore for beginners. It's something that requires carefully selected Shopify development services. While you can have a Shopify site up and operate in nearly no time, you will undoubtedly face numerous challenges down the way.

For example, some of the apps available through the vendor's official App Store may create difficult-to-resolve issues or stop working altogether. Shopify merchants have also noticed issues when dealing with many currencies or languages, particularly those uncommon.

Many Shopify store owners cannot address these challenges on their own and consequently require Shopify developer support. The good news is that Shopify development services are only a phone call or email away. A Shopify website developer is all you need to get started. Here are three advantages to hiring someone to run a Shopify store.

Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs Shopify Development Services

1. A Shopify Developer Will Add Unique Value to Your Business

You immediately know companies like Amazon or eBay when you see their websites. You'd do this even if the websites didn't have any company names on them. Why? Because they have a unique layout and color scheme that no other marketplace can match. Making your Shopify store stand out from the crowd is exactly what you should aim for. This helps to increase brand recognition and website traffic.

If you want to use one of the many Shopify themes available, you can do it yourself and even change them a little bit. Many stores can do the same thing. The result is Hundreds of stores that look the same and have no faces. This means that people don't see any difference between these sites and randomly choose one to open. It's like a game of chance.

It's far better to employ Shopify developer support that customizes pre-made themes and keeps up with the current trends in web development, design, and usability.

Is flat web design becoming more popular? Are you looking for a minimalist design? Is it possible to make a design that is illustrative? What is the current trend in navigational element layout? Experts at Shopify development services know all the answers to these challenges and can create the most captivating and practical design to boost the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

2. A Shopify eCommerce Developer Can Help You Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine.

"A jack of all trades and master of none," as the phrase goes. It can describe any human activity, especially eCommerce. When you choose Shopify development support, you can rest assured that they are well-versed in the platform's intricacies. Professional Shopify development services can transform your online store into a mighty powerhouse to boost your online sales with their extensive knowledge. By adding relevant HTML, CSS, or JS to Liquid, a web developer specialized in Shopify can augment the core Shopify functionalities. Here are a few examples of how hiring someone to run Shopify Store or develop from scratch can provide you with the best Shopify development services.

  • A professional Shopify developer can personalize your checkout to match your specialty requirements if you have a Shopify Plus business.
  • Additionally, a Shopify web developer can use an advanced search and filtering algorithm to aid in the discovery of products on product pages. This results in an increased conversion rate.
  • A certified Shopify developer can build code to incorporate third-party applications into your store. There are numerous external services available. Would you like to encourage your consumers to publish product descriptions on Facebook? There is no issue. Do you require an email marketing service integrated into your website to keep your customers informed about your special offers? Easy.

Apart from that, you may need Shopify web developers to provide important guidance on various apps available via the App Store, such as the SEO apps. Not all of these apps are high-quality or fully compatible with your store. By hiring the top Shopify app developers, you'll be able to determine which apps are worth setting up and which may harm your business.

Finally, hire Shopify development support professionals to improve your store in every manner imaginable. This includes picture optimization, speed optimization, and increasing search engine visibility, among other things. A website that loads quickly has a better chance of pleasing Google.

3. You Will Have Your Hands Free to Focus on What Matters Most

As previously stated, online sellers are responsible for a variety of marketing and logistical activities. As a result, entrepreneurs can relieve themselves of the significant technical strain by working with a Shopify development services company. Process customer payments, search the web for the best items, contact customers, market your store, and perform other crucial tasks to attract potential customers and boost profits. Meanwhile, our Shopify development support team will ensure that your site is unique, fast, and has all the functionality your company demands. We will also correct any errors that you may have missed. The most significant advantage is a site that runs smoothly and without issues. Now that you understand why you should hire someone to run the Shopify store. Let's look at how you may find a reputable eCommerce Shopify development services, business, or developer. We've put together a list of the most noticeable signs to help you be sure you're speaking with the correct individual for the job.

10 Signs That You're Dealing with Great Shopify Development Services Providers

1. Their Website Looks Very Professional

Let's start with the obvious: the organization or individual you're considering hiring must have a well-designed website. The site should stand out rather than look like a jumble of pre-made layouts and random graphics. If it appears amateurish, you may probably expect a similar low-quality output from your store. Furthermore, the website must feature a portfolio of previous projects. Finally, the developer's website should show all Shopify development services offered, along with starting prices and any essential clarifications.

2. Their Offer Includes Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Obviously, no one wants to make free corrections. A lack of bug patches or minor upgrades by a Shopify developer may indicate that the developer lacks the expertise or knowledge necessary to accomplish a project correctly the first time around. As a client, you want to make small changes to your project without having to pay for them. This is why minor updates are essential. In some cases, changes may not have anything to do with how well the work is being done. Sometimes, you may just want to change the words on a button.

There must, of course, be a limit. It is common to have one or two rounds of minor updates. However, Shopify development support's refusal to provide any minor changes clearly indicates that they want you to pay for each cosmetic modification as if it was an entirely new order.

3. They are Well-Versed in the Shopify APIs

What makes a simple Shopify website into an eCommerce powerhouse is its APIs or Application Programming Interfaces. Shopify APIs can be used to solve a wide range of business problems. The Storefront API, for example, allows developers to tailor shopping experiences, whereas the Marketing Events API allows developers to design a variety of marketing events, such as those that are triggered during email campaigns. Without an extensive understanding of and experience with these APIs, Shopify development services providers will be unable to provide the value you want. You'll need to do some research for this one.

Check out the official API guidelines page and take some notes about the various Shopify APIs. There's no need to be too technical here. Please list some APIs on the website and visit their links to learn more about what they do.

Then, when you want to hire someone to run the Shopify store, ask them to discuss the APIs you've chosen. If you think the developer doesn't know enough about APIs, look for someone else. On the other side, confidence in responses and explanations demonstrates that the developer is informed about the subject and that you can trust them.

4. They Guarantee Support and Maintenance After the Project Goes Live

This feature of Shopify development services clearly separates "hit-and-run" freelancers from legitimate businesses. After a project has been constructed and launched, the latter does not forsake its clientele. An e-commerce site is a complicated product that may encounter a variety of problems "in the wild." The developers that created or configured your Shopify store understand what can go wrong and how to fix various user-facing or database-facing issues.

Some businesses may offer free support and maintenance services for a specified duration. Others may demand a fee from the first day of deployment. In any situation, a post-launch service is required. So, go to the developer's website and look for this information.

5. They've Adapted Shopify Stores for Use on Phones and Tablets Before

Statista, a research company, says that by 2023, there will be 7.33 billion people in the world who use mobile phones. A large portion of these individuals chooses to make purchases via mobile eCommerce platforms. When hiring, it's critical to learn about a Shopify developer support team's experience with mobile devices. Inquire about how they test the end design and what platforms and devices they utilize to provide their clients with the best mobile experience possible. Remember that virtual gadgets alone will not provide you with the best value. Because you can observe how particular features work only on real smartphones or tablets, you will also require your Shopify store to run on physical devices.

Most freelancers and small development organizations lack the resources necessary to do such rigorous testing. As a result, a larger organization is a better choice, as it will have the required number of testing devices to ensure the most excellent coverage. You will be hard-pressed to find a freelancer that can match this level of expertise.

6. They Provide Transparent and Consistent Communication Without any Delays

Hiring someone to run a Shopify store or creating one relies heavily on open and honest communication between all parties involved. There could be additional costs due to a miscommunication between you and a developer. A Shopify development business will allocate a project manager to your project. He/she will respond swiftly and clearly to all of your questions on the project's business and technical aspects. Send an email to the Shopify developer with your questions, or contact them through a sales chat. Examine how quickly they answer and whether their response is precise and to the point.

7. They offer ASAP Services for Urgent Projects

In a fast-paced, dynamic business world, time is money, no matter how clichéd that expression may sound. Has a project that "should have been done yesterday"? This is something that only a huge Shopify development services firm can provide. Freelancers frequently lack the resources needed to complete jobs with extremely tight deadlines.

What's more, a large Shopify development support agency may complete a project twice as fast without sacrificing quality. This is made feasible by multiple previously deployed ASAP initiatives and a well-tuned, smooth approach for these specific situations.

As a result, inquire if the individual or firm has any expertise with ASAP projects so that you know where to turn for assistance if the need arises.

8. They Provide a Precise ETA and can Begin Working on a Project Within Days, not Weeks

A massive firm with a lot of Shopify eCommerce development experience knows exactly what it takes to create a web store because they've done it hundreds or thousands of times before. That means an ETA should arrive in one or two business days at the most. This ETA will include every single item you'll need to pay for, along with a cost estimate.

This also implies that the team will start working on your project immediately once you approve it. A major, reputable Shopify development services firm will have a team of pros ready to go just a few hours after the starting pistol is fired.

Most small agencies or freelancers, on the other hand, are unable to provide ETAs to their clients as rapidly due to a lack of experience or qualified personnel. Furthermore, they frequently are unable to explain why a specific feature requires a certain amount of time to develop. You wouldn't want to spend weeks playing question-and-answer ping-pong with a developer, attempting to figure out when the work will start and complete.

9. They Provide You the Opportunity to try Them Out on a Small Task First

It's not uncommon to come across a Shopify development services firm that is "all-or-nothing." You can only pay them once for the full job. When it comes to eCommerce, though, buying a pig in a poke is a horrible idea, especially if you're a tiny business owner that counts every penny.

Before signing a full-blown contract, a large Shopify development support business may offer you the option of purchasing the implementation of one modest feature or the fulfillment of a tiny request. This allows you to observe the team in operation, familiarize yourself with their workflow, see how quickly they reply to your questions, and ensure that the quality meets your expectations.

This suggests that the developer isn't scared to show off their abilities and knowledge, even if it's on a minor project, to gain a client's trust.

10. Customer Endorsements and Recommendations

You should look for developers who have a good quantity of consumer feedback and reviews. There is nothing better than working with developers who have received positive feedback from other businesses in your field.

The Most Skilled Professional Shopify Developers Available

Whatever your niche is, the Bizmia Shopify development team will get it done for you quickly and to the highest quality possible, no matter how sophisticated the user interface you desire or what features you want in your online store.

We not only create high-quality online stores, but we also maintain and support them once they are delivered to clients. So, if you need to hire someone to run Shopify store, Bizmia holds a distinguished and reputable position in the Shopify development services. Our clients like having us as their development partners since we care about their company's success and progress.

Bizmia keeps a careful eye on the newest industry developments. We strive relentlessly to improve our abilities and knowledge and use cutting-edge project development approaches in both code and design.

Contact us for any frontend jobs, consultations, or improvements you need for your Shopify store.

Hiring Shopify Developers FAQs

What are the most vital qualities of a skilled Shopify developer?

That is precisely what we stated in the section 10 Signs You Are Dealing with Great Shopify Development services providers.

Do Shopify developers focus exclusively on frontend tasks?

Shopify developers are capable of far more than merely customizing or creating themes from the ground up. They may also construct custom features and integrate third-party services into online stores, enhance performance, build custom apps to fit specific company needs, and much more by utilizing the Shopify APIs.

Is it better to hire a professional Shopify development company or work with freelancers?

You should hire a professional Shopify development services company like Bizmia, instead of a group of people who do it on their own. You will get a project manager who will be in charge of your project from start to finish.

A company cares about its reputation so it won't disappear overnight like many freelancers.